The Kids Choice Awards Had A Lot Of Granny-Looking Kids


From A SOCIALITES LIFE — The red carpet at the Kids Choice Awards looked a lot like Monday afternoon brunch. Leave it to the future of Hollywood to be so ahead of the curve, they’re wearing depends already. Check out the photos of all your fav under-agers, after the jump!

The Jonas Bros. Leave The Retirement Home To Attend ‘The Kids’ Choice Awards’

Little girls! Playing dress-up! What is this? Shuffleboard, anyone? Here are pictures from Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards last night. Who is styling the children these days? Captain Merrill Stubing?

I guess I should admire the creativity, but things have gotten berserk lately. It is refreshing to see the boys wearing the disaster costumes, though. We’ve got 50s college professors (Drake Bell and Shia LeBeouf), shell-shocked Vietnam War veterans (Emile Hirsch), and Studio 54 rentboys (Josh Peck). Josh Peck seriously has that Jordache look. Ooh la la!

Check out the photos from the show here.
Photos: Getty Images

50 more red carpet photos from the Kids’ Choice Awards featuring Hayden Panettiere, Chris Brown, Usher, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Abigail Breslin, Rihanna, Amy Pohler, Drake Bell, Melissa Baldwin, Brendan Fraser, Ashlee Simpson, America Ferrera, Shia LaBeouf, Ryan Sheckler, Miley Cyrus, Akon, Cameron Diaz, Will Smith, Emile Hirsch, Jeese McCartney, Chris Tucker, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jordin Sparks, Jodie Foster, Hal Sparks, Travis Barker and Josh Peck are after the jump.

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