NBC To Replace O’Hurley With Roker For Celebrity Family Feud? Show me BULLSH*T!


RokerWhen I first heard that “Family Feud” would be heading to NBC for a limited-run “Celebrity” edition in primetime, my first thought (after the classic SNL Baldwin Family Feud sketch) was complete gratitude for the great, overly-articulate John O’Hurley for honoring his fellow pioneer hosts of “Feud” passed and carrying the show to unprecedented modern-day visibility.

Or maybe NBC will just get Al Roker to host the show and F O’Hurley in his classy, suit-wearing A:

The “Today Show” weatherman has been in negotiations with FremantleMedia North America about hosting its upcoming celeb edition of “Feud” for NBC.

However, as of late Tuesday, reps for both the Peacock and the studio insisted no deal was in place.

One reason the parties might be reluctant to confirm any agreement is because Roker is said to have come tantalizingly close to toplining other projects for the Peacock over the years, only to have talks fall apart.

First off, why does NBC need to switch to a bigger-named host for the primetime edition? John O’Hurley has poured two years of looking humorously appalled when people say slightly off-color answers into this show, and they’re not letting him revel in the show’s limited but unprecedented primetime run? That’s like replacing a successful coach right before the playoffs — it’s just selfish. After all John O’Hurley did for that network, too. “Seinfeld” wasn’t even a hit until the first time the Peterman character told Elaine to complete an improbable task (I am positive about this fact).

Second, how hard is it to close a deal with Al Roker to tape like 90 minutes of game show hosting? Is he holding out for some ridiculous sum of money knowing that NBC couldn’t possibly find someone else to yell “show me….BLANK!” with genuine anticipation when after some celebrity has uttered an answer that even he/she knows can’t possibly be on the board? Someone else, like, perhaps, the person who hosts the show five days a week? Even though the O’Hurley episodes have been in reruns since the second day they were on the air?

The only way I would approve of such — and not to oversell it here — high treason, is if NBC brought back either Richard Karn, so that he could throw it to commercial with really forced puns that almost have to do with the category, or a 95-year-old Richard Dawson, so he could molest all the celebrity women (and some of the men) with his skeletal southern charm.

Or what the hell, bring them both back and throw in Louie Anderson and a shrine to Ray Combs, and let’s take this frickin’ primetime run seriously, people.

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