Dr. Phil Made HOW Much Money Last Year??


Dr. Phil BookParade Magazine came out with their annual “How Much Money Do The Stars Make” issue in order to spark our “I can’t believe Peace Corps volunteers make blah blah blah while Pauly Shore makes blah blee bleeh blah!” rage. Anywho, I was going through the list, and it was pretty much your standard, run of the mill celebs make way too much money rollcall, except for one bullet point in particular:

• Miley Cyrus, 15, Singer/Actress, Los Angeles $18.2 million (marketed herself well in ’07, no surprise there)

• Katherine Heigl, Actress, Los Angeles, $11 million (Knocked Up plus Grey’s, makes sense)

• Jessica Alba, Actress, Los Angeles, $9 million (standard movie star-ish income)

• Dr. Phil McGraw, 57, TV host, Los Angeles, $90 million

GGGHHhhahhhawaaaaa?????? What did that say? Was I reading that right, or do I have that werido retinal condition where I see the number “9” then the number “0” then the word “million?”

• Dr. Phil McGraw, 57, TV host, Los Angeles, $90 million

Yeah, I thought so. $90 million. Ninety million dollars. For Dr. Phil. In one year.

I realize that he’s got book deals still raking in income and home videos and pasta makers with his signature grafted onto them probably, but you’re telling me that bringing America Dick Masterson and Retarded Baby Woman earned him almost five times as much money in ’07 as Miley “How Many Damn Kids Are In This Country” Cyrus?? Even taking into account her shady parental child-star robbing, that just seems impossible.

Maybe Dr. Phil gets commission per bleep? Or $45 million for every guest who literally believes that her dog is a human being?

(pic via Wired)

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