• DREAM WEDDING: Beyonce and Jay-Z have officially filed their signed marriage license from earlier this month, meaning that they are finally for really real definitely married. I still kiiiiiiiiiinda like my chances though. (People)
  • CUE THE BENNY HILL THEME: What does British Member of Parliament George Galloway have to do to get a mention on BWE.tv? Answer: Get knocked out cold by slamming his head against the side of a bus while trying to duck a rubber ball. That, or write a Top 10 List. (Sun UK)
  • LOCKLEAR F***ER: Richie Sambora will pay around $1600 in damages and be placed on three years probation after reaching a plea deal in his DUI case. Sure is nice to be famous, kind of, a little while ago. (TMZ)
  • NOSTALGIA FIX: Who could ever forget these Atari 2600 games? Magna Carta, Gay French Mario Bros, It’s F*cking Checkers… so many memories… (Mighty God King)
  • HIGHBROWITY: Fans of the hip hop collective “Ego Trip” or just plain ol’ fans of the Sound of Young America Podcast might want to check out the people from “Ego Trip” on the Sound of Young America Podcast. As though fans of either didn’t know this already. (Maximumfun.org)
  • HAPPY SOUNDS: And while we’re unsolicitedly plugging things we enjoy, might as well mention that the Jukebox the Ghost LP is now available on iTunes. The music of The Beatles, on the other hand? Still not on iTunes. Henceforth, Jukebox is more in demand than The Beatles. QED. (iTunes)
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