Us Weekly Breaks Open The Mariah Carey / Nick Cannon Wedding Using Her Nephew’s Facebook


Carey n CannonEverybody HANG ON — Us Weekly has figured out this whole Mariah Carey / Nick Cannon secret Bahamas wedding thing. Their spies have EXCLUSIVELY uncovered crucial information from the Facebook updates of Mariah Carey’s nephew: has learned Carey’s nephew was in the Bahamas this week.

The following are Shawn McDonald’s status updates to his Facebook profile.

4/27 – Shawn is going to the bahamas for a week early tuesday AM.

4/28 – Shawn is in the Bahamas (enjoying the calm before the storm…) from Tuesday AM till Sat early evening…

4/30 – Shawn has a profound appreciation of southern hospitality.

Shawn is a witness.

Shawn can officially say that what you may or may not have read or heard is not true…

5/1 – Shawn did something tonight he probably won’t do for @least another 25+ years…

To be honest, I’m in favor of scrapping the in-your-face, obtrusive paparazzi approach to celebrity news gathering in favor of just checking out the Facebook feeds of people loosely related to the stars.

Relatedly, BWE has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Angelina Jolie is “Effing psyched for LOST tonight,” Samantha Ronson is now a Fan of Dave Eggers, and Nicole Richie found out she was Steven in the “Which Family Ties Character Are You?” quiz.

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