The Office: Review + 1 Bottle of Boxed Wine


PAM GLASSES 2.jpgOne of the main ways that DVR has changed — nay, saved — my life, is that I can now go out on Thursday nights. In the past, NBC’s line-up had me tethered to the ol’ Panasonic flat screen like the little kidnapped boy to his metal bed frame in Ransom. So last night, after a solid block of good times and a bottle of boxed wine, I collapsed in bed with a hot water bottle full of Crystal Light and a brand new episode of The Office, giddy at the luxuries new technologies have afforded me. So please keep my state in mind while reading the following review of last night’s episode, “Did I Stutter?”

I have absolutely no idea what it was about. No, really, I sat and watched, and roughly 23 minutes later was scratchin the ol’ noodle noggin confused by the events which transpired. There was a meeting with Michael? Pam was in glasses? Mad Libs something or other?

PAM GLASSES 1.jpgYou could make the argument that I was too much of a mess to “get it”, but that is really not the case. I followed up The Office with last night’s hilarious 30 Rock, and have a vivid recollection of enjoying it quite thoroughly. No, I’m pretty sure last night’s Office was the actual mess. A script that seemed hot glued together from old deleted scenes, and Pam somehow finding the glasses I wore from 3rd to 15th grade.

In fact, the only thing I remember enjoying was the Stanley/Michael Smack Down, only because this season has been sorely lacking any Stanley gold. So in lieu of my usual recap, I bring you that clip, in its entirety, after the jump, courtesy of my other favorite invention of 2008, Red Lasso. I actually think I have romantic feelings for this website.

And please, be kind to me in the comments: My head is killing me right now. Thanks for the blurred memories, Angel Juice.

To be fair, Dwight’s Mad Libs/Car Wash was pretty amazing.

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