LOST RECAP: Guys, I Think They Might Be Setting Some Stuff Up For The Finale


This is a recap of Lost episode “There’s No Place Like Home (Part One)”, Episode 12 of Season 4, airing May 15, 2008. If you’re reading this and you haven’t seen the episode yet, you will not understand the crazy combinations of English words into sentences that occur within.


Oceanic SixLast night’s episode provided glimpses into the immediate mainland futures of the Oceanic Six, beginning with a very noticeably somber U.S. landing with Jack mechanically repeating agreed-upon instructions to his silent, downtrodden companions. The press conference that followed was overwhelmingly awkward, with several suspiciously inquisitive journalists grilling Kate about the months in her “pregnant with Aaron” story not being consistent, forcing an extremely unconvincing admission from Sun that Jin never made it off the plane, and noting that the six sure looked mighty healthy after spending several months on a deserted, presumably nonmagical island.

Among the subsequent Oceanic Six vignettes, Hurley’s was the most interesting — the odometer in the car his father had restored for him just so happened to be displaying the number sequence “4 8 15 16 23 42,” which he immediately recognizes as the exact numbers that every “Lost” fan had in their AIM buddy icon .GIFs back in Season Two! This presumably expedites Hurley’s faster descent into insanity than the rest of the Six (besides Aaron, who is obviously craaayzaayyyyy) and again hints at the island’s unrelenting grip on the survivors immediately after their return to the mainland.

Sun smilingSun’s future was the most unusual — apparently, she managed to leverage her Oceanic settlement into a controlling interest in her father’s company, meaning that either she received compensation in the tens of millions from Oceanic, banked the money almost immediately with believably suspicious little red tape, and purchased a significant percentage of shares without her father’s knowledge or approval, OR, her father’s company is actually some small internet startup and the shares aren’t really that expensive. What if it turns out the latter is true, and her father’s just been assassinating people from rival small internet companies? Either way, the vindictive Sun tells daddy that he’s one of two people she blames for Jin’s death — the other, I assume, is herself, but I guess it could also be, I don’t know, Rose? It’s probably Rose.

Meanwhile, Jack is approached at his father’s funeral (or his father’s job interview for cabin haunter, depending on how you look at it) by Claire’s alive and well mother, who informs him that Christian Shephard was Claire’s father (told ya Jack knew about being related to Aaron, doubters from last week), before offering an uncomfortably knowing remark to Kate about how beautiful “her baby” is. So basically, all of the flash forwards pretty directly projected from-the-getgo doom for each one of the Sixers, and it should be interesting to see exactly what tragedy occurs next week to cast that initial pall over the survivors’ escape. Maybe they just really miss the smoke monster.


ExplosivesI felt genuine, unashamed terror when a friend of mine asked, “Do you think that thing strapped to Keamy’s body detonates the explosives on the freighter?” Whatever happens next week, though, the only thing we know for sure is that it results in Jack, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, Kate, and Aaron getting off the island. This means one or more of the following must occur:

1) When Locke ‘moves’ the island, it fractures the group in time and/or space, leaving the Six with no way to head back to the island and forcing them to bolt for civilization.

2) The freighter blows up and kills most of the extras and some characters. (I know more than one person in real life who’d turn suicidal if anything happened to Desmond.) The remaining survivors are then divided.

3) After some kind of resolution with the Keamy conflict, those specific six individuals decide they must return to the mainland, either as some sort of deal with Keamy or Ben; I find it very difficult to believe that the Six would leave their companions on the island voluntarily, as they appear to have no inclination in their immediate mainland futures to return to the island.

4) Things calm down and the group divides itself up among people who want to leave the island and those who want to stay. This seems wildly improbable, unless all the extras decide they want to stay or all the extras are conveniently killed, “Star Trek” style (see #2).

5) None of the above, because this finale is going to be more ridiculous than any prior episode and keep us talking about it excitedly / angrily all summer long.

If I had to predict, I’m saying a combination of #1 and #5.


Claire MomWhat the hell is gonna happen with Claire? Is she just definitely dead at this point, or in the island’s weird state of in-between death, or is she just gonna wander back into physical reality next week? Perhaps Miles’ ghost whispering will come into play, but that still won’t explain how Sawyer saw her after her ‘death,’ or how she continued to carry Aaron. And what about Desmond’s vision of Claire getting on a helicopter? Maybe she just gets on Frank’s helicopter but not off the island or to any form of safety? We-eird.

I thought for sure one of the remaining episodes would be devoted to a Claire flash-forward, and I suppose the finale still could be, if the escape from the island is what’s happening in real-time. But for such a seemingly important turn of events with numerous island implications, Claire has barely factored into the story the past few weeks, the cabin scene nonwithstanding.


Sawyer- Last night’s episode was more of a John Stockton than a Karl Malone — meaning, it was more of a ‘set up a whole buncha crap to (hopefully) go down in the finale’ episode than a ‘terrible father and human being’ episode. (Also known as a ‘Ben’ episode.)

– Speaking of Ben, it now appears obvious that his seemingly all-knowing ways had been based on forseeing the future though his time jumps and that whatever Widmore did to “change the rules,” it’s resulted in the consistent failures of Ben’s plans; obviously he didn’t expect Alex to be shot, but when he showed up at the Orchid and was surprised to see the soldiers already there? Something like that never would’ve happened to omnipotent, Season 3 Ben.

– Nice to see Sawyer get back to being Sawyer — his told-you-so encounter with Jack was a welcome departure from his “I’ve gotta save Claire” martyrdom from the other week, and it re-ingites the divide between the two alpha males that will likely result in their parting ways during the island escape.

– What role will the Others serve next week? Will Unaging Richard lead them into battle against the Keamy crew? Or will they just move along with the island? Something has to happen to split up their new captives…

– I also read the theory that Daniels from “The Wire” is actually grown-up Walt. Haven’t fully wrapped my head around the implications of that, but it doesn’t seem so outrageous.

– Death predictions? I think Frank’s gonna die, and I think someone will cap Keamy, but I don’t see any of the major characters dying (save whatever’s going on with Claire). I’ve been wrong before.

– Also, predictions for the very final scene in the episode? One friend of mine suggested a huge freighter explosion without resolution as to who died and who didn’t, another thought that Locke will move the island and the screen will just go to white or something else impossible time-wise will happen right before the end, but I’m personally predicting something completely out of the blue that appears subtle and underwhelming, but when we read blogs the next day explaining what it means, our jaws will drop. Want me to go into vaguer detail?

– Finally, if I could have re-written one line in last night’s episode, I would’ve changed Sawyer’s remark to Aaron in the jungle from “Who you talkin’ to?” to “Who you talkin’ to, Bottles?”

Only one episode left, Losties! Thoughts, theories, observations, death predictions, finale predictions, prediction predictions in the comments, now!

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