The Sisterhood of The Traveling Hobo Penis


17 teenage girls at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts are preggers, as a result of a pregnancy pact they made. Some of the people sharing the blame:

School Nursesnurse31239.jpg

Indifferent Parents72522372.jpg

Jamie Lynn Spears

That Senior Who Had a Baby Earlier This Year, Who Showed Us The Glory Of The Love a Child Feels For Its Mother

20070419sign.jpgBut no folks, apparently, it’s the fault of a 24-year-old homeless man! Reportedly, at least 1 of the babies was fathered by a hobo.

Honestly, I can’t say I blame the girl. I remember what peer pressure was like. I’d totally be that girl who couldn’t get a classmate to impregnate me, and at the last minute, drop by the shelter, just to be sure I wasn’t ridiculed the next day for not being pregnant!

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