SYTYCD Results: The Nation’s Number 1 Flamenco Dancer


sytycd12.JPGOn last night’s results show of So You Think You Can Dance, we were blessed with the presence of “America’s number 1 flamenco dancer” and SYTYCD two-time rejectee, Tino Nunez.

I’m not an expert on male-solo-flamenco-dancing, so honestly, at first I thought it was a joke. Perhaps it was the VOBC (vest over bare chest), or the fact that Tino had that same look on his face that Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl always has:

Can someone please tell me why am I so sexy?

But after I watched a second time, I tried to focus on the lower half of his body, paying closer attention to the tappin and the knee slappin and the foot work, and I could definitely see the skill.

Recap of the show results, after the jump!

Earlier in the show, the contestants performed a group dance choreographed by Shane Sparks which showcased the hip hop dancers. I loved how Comfort held her own with the guys during this number.

sytycd13.JPG(GENERAL PRODUCTION NOTE: Does anyone else find themselves completely frustrated with some of the camera movement on this show? I love seeing the entire stage during a group dance number, so that I can really see how everyone is coordinated, and how they really yoooooze the space. So when the camera swoops this way and that, and cuts to this person or that person, I get all huffy. In comparison, I think America’s Best Dance Crew does a better job of capturing a group dancing together. But that could be just me.)

The first couple to get booted to the bottom three was Chelsea & Thayne, despite being Mia’s “little precious dumplings”. Katee & Joshua and Kherrington & Twitch are safe, which doesn’t come as a surprise at all. The next three groups to the stage were Chelsie & Mark (safe), Kourtni & Matt (also safe!), and Will & Jessica (also also safe!). That would mean that two of the remaining three would be on the chopping block. Who is safe? Courtney & Gev, for their we’re-so-in-love modern dance. Dancing for their lives: Susie & Marquis, for their sloppy salsa, and Comfort & Chris, for their lackluster krumpeting.

sytycd6.JPGThe bottom three men, Thayne, Marquis, and Chris, were all very similar, twirling across the stage in an emotional hurricane of contemporary-dancing-for-life. The three women, however, performed very different styles. Chelsea emoted with her contemporary, Susie showcased her sexy Latin street dancing, and Comfort impressed with her popping skills. One thing that bugs me about the solo dances is the very end when they awkwardly try to incorporate the remaining dramatic moments of their dance into the show’s deep-man-voice-effect “so you think you can dance” hook. It reminds me of when someone trips and falls and tries to casually incorporate it into what they were already doing.

Before the final results, Flo Rida performs. I always find myself watching the dancing during the musical guest’s spot, wondering if these professional dancers could really go head-to-head with the contestants on the show. I THINK IT WOULD BE VERY INTERESTING TO SEE.

sytycd9.JPGFinally, the six dancers line up for the judge’s decisions. Nigel prefaces his critiques with a masculinity-proving speech about the NBA finals, and how a basketball game showed him that you can lose and still be brilliant. And then he proceeds to crush someone’s dreams. Chelsea needs to step it up, but she’s safe. Susie didn’t use the stage as much as she could have, and Comfort hasn’t shown her true potential. Susie, you’re outta here – go back to being a sexy teacher.

Thayne has a great spirit, and his potential keeps him in the game. Chris danced with great passion, and that’s enough for the judges. So that means it’s bye bye to Marquis. Nigel said he performed too many tricks during his solo. The poor guy was getting all teary-eyed even before he knew he was going home, it was incredibly sad. I actually liked his dance. sytycd8.JPGWell Marquis, that’s WHAT YOU GET for being such a damn showoff!!!

CONSPIRACY THEORY: The judges are trying to push the hip hop dancers closer to the finals this year. I think they’ve been sending a lot of positivity and support to them. Maybe it’s because they realize that more young people might tune in if that’s the case. WE SHALL SEE!!!

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