The Best JAY-Z Gifs Ever!


If there’s one thing we’ve come to know and love, it’s Jay-Z Macy’s Day Balloon Head and the perma-scowl it wears on a daily basis. But if there is anything that can improve upon our love for Jay-Z and his Hindennoggin, it’s the addition of GIGANTIC grandma glasses with a dash of Ricky Gervais thrown in for good measure. So you can imagine our JOY when we learned that all of these things came together at a Coldplay concert thrown by the BBC, as evidenced by this photo:


Yeah, this picture is pretty good. But, man, if only we could see Jay-Z’s incredible DANCE moves. If only we could catch glimpse of that solar orb of a head bopping with the beat.

What’s that you say? An animated GIF? No, it couldn’t exist… could it? No… It can’t be…


Holy sh*t. Livejournal user Venus_Ice over at Oh No They Didn’t created the most hypnotizing animated GIF’s we have ever come across in our lifetime. If you think the above one is good, strap on your “Hypnotizing Pants” and take a look at this one:


He looks like an 80 year old tranny, and I’m into it.

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