MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE: Thanks to Sneaky Pete


Last week, I posted photos of your beloved staff living it up at the 2008 Webby Awards (slogan “Like The Oscars for People with Mild Aspbergers“). I also told you about our new favorite person in the entire world, rapper Sneaky Pete, who performed at the swanky afterparty right before a lil’ rapper named Ludacris (or “Luda“) got on stage. Sneaky was a goddamned SENSATION — his song was awesome, but more importantly, he had the horse sense to come onto the dance floor afterwards and join this lil’ lady — along with some of the blog’s best dancers — in what could almost be referred to as a “ho down” (photo evidence here). We even had a slogan: “Sneaky Pete: Keepin’ It Sneaky.”

Today, good ol’ Josh Lay (the other white man in a hat) e-mailed me to ask if I had seen Sneaky Pete’s Myspace page recently — aka “SneakyPeteWorld“. I said that “since that fateful night, I hadn’t seen it.” He advised that I take a look…

And that’s when I saw this:


I AM SNEAKY PETE’S MYSPACE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!! (Me right now.)

You know, when someone named “Sneaky Pete” left a comment on that post asking me to “Marry Him”, I was like “It couldn’t be.”

But now?


Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times Yes!

Ain’t that sneaky.

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