YOU BETTER QUIRK: Irons vs. Day-Lewis


If there’s one thing we here at BWE love, it’s borderling unwell actors who delve way too deep into their craft. Also, together and separately, we worship quirky British people. But this weekend, we were faced with a quandry: Who’s quirkier?? Jeremy Irons or Daniel Day-Lewis. To wit:

On the left, an unrecognizable Jeremy Irons, dressed up in a look that one might describe as “Cossack Chic.” Those horn-rimmed glasses say “Look away, don’t recognize me”, while that fussy jacket and pants combo are all “Pay no mind to the glasses. Shall we go riding later? I know a charming route through the Carpathian Basin.” Frankly, I’m not sue I’m woman enough to handlebar that moustache he’s sporting…

On the right, it’s well-known Looney Bin Laden and theatrical genius Daniel Day-Lewis, seen taking a casual roam around New York City in a suit that the Sears catalog would describe as a “Denim Fantasy.” The dungarees look well-worn, and are an interesting combination of both raver pants and dorky dad jeans. But don’t let that casual purple henley fool you: That jacket is all business. If your business happens to be “Stylish Coal Mining”, as mine is.

So: WHO IS QUIRKIER? Usually, Day-Lewis wins these matches in a heartbeat, but I’m gonna have to go with my instinct here and hand the invisi-ward to Jeremy Irons, whose look is just inexplicable. Remember how he was the hottest old man ever in Die Hard with a Vengeance? Oh, to be that blue wifebeater for only but a moment…

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