Was A-Rod’s Wife Cheating On Him With LENNY KRAVITZ??? Time For Some More Headlines…


Kravitz and A-RodYesterday, we did our best to come up with the best possible pun headline for the rumored affair between Alex Rodriguez and Madonna.

Now, none other than Perez “Creds Mcgee” Hilton is reporting that we’ve all got the A-Rod / infidelity story backwards, and that A-Rod’s wife Cynthia is the one cheating on him, with — even if this is false it couldn’t be funnier — LENNY KRAVITZ.

Rather than waste time debating heresay and unnamed sources, I think it’s probably best we just jump ahead and try to guess tomorrow’s A-Rod / Cynthia Rodriguez / Lenny Kravitz New York Post pun headline:

Are You Gonna ‘Ho My Way? A-Rod Infidelity Rumors Backfire

Fly Away-rod? Rodriguez Breakup Imminent

American Woman, Stray Away From Me

Cheating, A-Rod, Over You (off the Infidelity Bites Soundtrack)

A-Rod’s Marriage, Like Rock & Roll, Is Dead

Let Love Rule-s Go Out The Window, Cynthia Rodriguez

Don’t Care If It’s True, This Story Beats The Sh*t Out Of That A-Rod / Mystery Blond Scandal From Last Year

(On a related note, not really a lot of well-known Lenny Kravitz singles, and the big ones are all covers — why is that dude so famous? I digress.)

Leave your best A-Rod / Kravitz / Madonna / C-Rod pun headlines in the comments!

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