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PP2005_08_paulscheer_big.jpgYesterday I sat down with our old friend Paul Scheer, a longtime BWE panelist and rising comedy superstar, to talk about ALF, iPhones and a few of the bajillion awesome projects he’s currently a part of. Cf course you can also see Paul in a brand new episode of Best Week Ever tonight on Vh1 at 9pm and 11pm ET.

BWE: First things first – Human Giant. Where are you guys at with that?

Paul: Well Human Giant has been picked up for its third season, which is awesome, but Aziz (Ansari) has also booked a part on a new spin-off for The Office, so that is causing some problems scheduling-wise. We’re trying to figure out how to juggle both things. We would have already been in production for the third season, but we’re waiting until we see what Aziz is doing.

BWE: Well fingers crossed. So you’ve been all over the ALF coverage over on your Tumblr lately. First you revealed that the actors who costarred with the animatronic alien were apparently miserable the whole time they were filming the show, and then you further destroyed my childhood by making me aware of the fact that the actor who played ALF’s father, Max Wright, ended up becoming a crackhead with a weakness for male prostitutes.

Paul: Those are the most insane pictures, from the National Enquirer story. It’s like worse than the Marion Berry crack cocaine thing, because he’s like right there, doing crack with a homeless guy. Like he had fallen so far into crack that he was just, you know, picking up homeless people and doing crack with them. But I have to say I feel its’ nice that he’s actually sharing the crack with the homeless person. You don’t see that kind of generosity in the crack community very often, people just sharing their ALF crack money.

BWE: what do you think ALF would have thought about his nasty little crack habit?

Paul (in a pretty good ALF voice): “Yo Willy, not cool.” (in his regular voice) I don’t know, ALF could have bonded with him about it, like: “You smoke crack and I eat cats. Everyone has their thing.”

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paul_scheer_caped.JPGBWE: So this new movie about Eddie Murphy’s giant terrifying head, Meet Dave. IMDB says you’re in it. What’s that about?

Paul: I’m actually not in Meet Dave, but I have an insane Meet Dave story. I was cast as one character, Lieutenant Buttox, who was supposed to be like this huge fat guy, and somehow in my audition tape, the director didn’t realize I’m like, not a big guy. So they said I couldn’t do the part cause they wanted to open on Buttox’s big fat ass crack.

BWE: But you were on an Eddie Murphy movie. They didn’t happen to have a spare fat suit lying around somewhere?

Paul: I know you would think, right?

BWE: Did you get to meet Eddie Murphy when you were on set?

Paul: I did do a scene with him, and he’s the nicest guy imaginable.

BWE: Does he wear fats suits just to, you know, hang out?

Paul: Maybe, maybe in his trailer. He is extremely nice. The thing about Eddie Murphy, people don’t know this but he has two doubles on set. One double that looks like him from the behind, like the back of his head, then he’s got another double that’s looks like him from the ear to the eye, like in profile. I actually remember eating lunch on day, and I was like, “Oh Eddie Murphy is eating lunch with everybody, big stars never do that”, but then I notice he’s wearing this odd jacket with these weird NBA logos all around it, and I realize that’s not Eddie Murphy, that’s fake quarter profile Eddie Murphy”.

BWE: I also read that you’re filming Harold Ramis comedy called “Year One”.

Paul: Yeah I spent about a month filming that. They’re being secretive about what the movie is about, so I’m not supposed to say much, but it takes place in biblical times and I play a slave. Michael Cera and I travel together as slaves. It’s not a large part, just the first couple minutes of the movie. Jack Black, Hank Azaria, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (who played McLovin in Superbad), and Michael Cera are all in it. And Harold Ramis, comedy genius. The highlight my career thus far, Ghostbusters being an all-time favorite movie of mine, was when we’d be working and Harold Ramis would share these amazing stories like, “Oh yea, back when I was slimed on Ghosbusters”, and he tells like the whole story. It was so awesome.

BWE: Now that you’re so busy with all this TV and movie stuff, are you still doing any regular shows in LA when you are out there?

humangiant_bike.jpgPaul: Yeah, I do a show every week at UCB-LA called MySpace, where we take an audience members’ MySpace profile, and then we kinda interview them about it, and its amazing because people put things on their MySpace page they never expect it to be read aloud, you know? It’s amazing, some of the pictures and quotes people post. Anyway, I do that with some of the other Human Giant guys and Seth Morris, and sometimes people like Horatio Sanz and Ian Walsh and Adam McKay show up. It’s every Wednesday at 9:30

BWE: Even though you’re paid to comment on pop culture and TV shows for Best Week Ever, I also really get the sense that you’re genuinely a fan of lots of this stuff. What are some TV shows you’re really looking forward to coming back?

Paul: Lost, obviously.. I would pay someone to watch all those episodes right now. What else…I always have a show that sounds more nerdy than it is so no one will watch it even though it’s great. Right now that’s Battlestar Galactica. It has that name, I guess – its like, “Nerd! What a nerd show!”. I had that same problem with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. People would be like, “What’s a good show, Paul?”, and I would say “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”, and they would just go, “No, it isn’t.” Just because the name. Anyway, I’m also toying will getting into Mad Men. Some people have said that’s really good.

BWE: Last month I demolished the whole first season in like a week.

Paul: Yeah, that and Weeds are my future shows that I want to get into.

BWE: What’s on the Paul Scheer iPod Playlist right now?

Paul: For now, it’s Huey Lewis and the News. Huey Lewis wrote that song for Pineapple Express and I was like, “Oh man, I love Huey Lewis!”, but when I checked on my iPod all I had was the Back To The Future soundtrack, so I had to get some more. I also have this band called The Dirtbombs that are this awesome Detroit band. I just downloaded Beck’s new record, and I feel like people don’t like the new Weezer album, but I like the new Weezer album.

BWE: Today’s International iPhone Consumerism Freakout Day. Why aren’t you waiting in line somewhere?

Paul: Not down with the iPhone.

BWE: WHAT!?! Heresy…

Paul: I’m content with the blackberry, I won’t get an iPhone till it has a physical keyboard.

BWE: I thought everyone in LA was required to own an iPhone, and Apple had like secret underground Celebrity Centres that look like the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey where Steve Jobs personally hands out the phones.

Paul: Yeah know what everyone has them, but yout know what – AT&T, is that good service? No I got Verizon I’m very happy with that service, I feel content with it. But I read that they’re developing an iPod keyboard for this year. Its going to be 3G but with a slide out key player like the blackberry… and if that happens… I’m in, but right now, no keyboard and no Verizon, no deal.

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