TRAILER MIX: Oliver Stone’s “W” Sure To Unite Political Parties With Its Utter Ridiculousness


When I first saw the poster / wacky page-a-day calendar for the upcoming Oliver Stone biopic W, I immediately feared that Stone’s bludgeoning of a dead horse with another dead horse might actually generate a sudden sympathy for Bush in the weeks just prior to this year’s presidential election.

The trailer, however, offers some hope — it appears that the movie is going to be so frickin’ ridiculous, it will not be taken seriously by anyone on either end of the political spectrum, and may, in fact, bring us all together to share a good bipartisan laugh at Stone’s expense. For example:

You want an ass whipping?

Try it, old man!

[Sound of Democrats and Republicans in the crowd laughing together in harmony]

[Did you notice, the final “W” title screen comes up right as the words “Wonderful World” are sung? This is not only completely and hilariously unsubtle, it’s also meaningless. I can’t wait for this film.]

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