Sam Lutfi Can’t Stop Stalking Britney Spears


Remember ol’ crazy face Sam Lutfi? You know, the BritBrit hanger on who alleged drugged up the diva in an attempt to control her? Yes, that winner. After Britney’s parents filed a strict restraining order against Sam, he’s been nowhere to be found, probably because he’s been busy working double shifts at Denny’s. But apparently Sam is back on the scene and ready to fight the restraining order that’s kept him away from Britney, her pill supply and her credit cards since February 1st. A hearing is scheduled for tomorrow to address whether the restraining order should be made permanent, and Sammy’s supposedly coming to fight!

“Sam won’t sign a permanent stay-away,” says a source nuts enough to be friends with the guy. “If they want to go to trial, he will go to trial. He did nothing wrong.” Oh come on, dude. We all saw her weave for those six months of friendship. He did A LOT wrong. Like, 3000 plastic hairs worth of damage.

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