Britney + Bodyguard = Love or Lies?


We’re a little wary of anything that might derail Britney Spears‘ progress as a human being – she’s come such a long way since she was locking herself in the bathroom naked with her baby. But just as crazy as Brit is, she is also horny, and girlfriend’s gotta get her bone on. So Brit’s allegedly banging her bodyguard, an Israeli soldier (!!!) named Lee who’s been protecting the star for six months.

In the past, Sam Lutfi would have uttered some weird comment about dating the dude, or worse, say nothing at all. But luckily, Britney 2.0 has a manager again! And good ol’ Larry Rudolph told Access Hollywood that “There is no truth to this at all. Britney is 100% single.” Even if she is bangin’ the bodyguard, we’ll never know otherwise. Which is really how it should be. [Photo: Splash News]

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