Citizen Scandal: Videogame Inspires Cabbie Stabbing


We can debate whether videogames turn us into violent maniacs, but it would seem that Grand Theft Auto IV is doing a good job of showing teens how to be violent maniacs. Thailand has banned the game after the stabbing murder of a cab driver by an 18-year-old student who said he “wanted to find out if it was as easy in real life to rob a taxi as it was in the game,” according to Bangkok police. The kid was arrested driving the cab backwards with the dying cabbie still in the back seat. “He wanted money to play the game,” said police. “His parents…did not have enough money to give him.” Hey, I remembering being out of change for Mortal Kombat back in the day, but I didn’t go ripping out spines over it. [BBC News]

[Photo: AFP]

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