EXCLUSIVE: L.A. Prostitution Ring Accidentally Exposed


Oh the perils of CCing all the wrong people. What should have been a private e-mail exchange on June 25 between a prominent Los Angeles business man/party king and a Beverly Hills madam arranging a $2,500 sex deal is making the rounds among the L.A. party circuit. Nearly 50 powerful men are shaking in their boots, because the madam appears to have exposed what may be her client list by CCing instead of BCCing the e-mail. The list includes a well-known movie producer, prominent club owners, restaurateurs, real estate tycoons, a politician, a sex tape king, an owner of a major sports team and a Prince. Although this e-mail appears to be authentic, we’ve blacked out the names of those involved. We will reveal, however, that the supposed prostitute is a gorgeous 28-year-old model who has graced the pages of several well-known magazines. After the jump, we’ve included screenshots of the entire e-mail exchange and we’ve also transcribed the highlights below.

Madam to client: “Hey, these are the new models and want to let you know Model X is in town!

Client to madam: “How much for Model X? I’m on X’s boat in Cape Cod.

Madam apologizes for copying her e-mail list.

Madam to client: “OK so Model X she is 2500-when do you get back?”

Client to madam: “OK to Model X. She knows me so it might be best not to use my name and let her just show up at X Drive (guardhouse) and ask for #X. What do you think? I’m back tomorrow. How about fri night?”

We consulted former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss to get her take on the mishap: “In any business legal or illegal, it is of the utmost importance to protect the people you are doing business with, especially when it involves something emotionally sensitive.” Heidi Fleiss never revealed the powerful names in her black book when she was busted in 1993, and her clients have to this day remained secret, except for Charlie Sheen, who famously testified against her.

Screengrabs of the e-mail exchange:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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