Pink’s Pissed In Leaked Song


The lead single from Pink‘s upcoming album goes to show one thing: never date a rock star. Pink crafted “So What,” which leaked online today, to show that she’s on her way to getting over ex-husband and motocross biker Carey Hart. In the song, Pink (real name Alecia Moore) uses her beefy voice to taunt Carey (a.k.a., the “tool”) by spewing playground-sounding rhymes over anthem-rock instrumentals — and we’re guessing teenage girls will eat it up.

“I guess I just lost my husband. I don’t know where he went. So I’m going to drink my money. I’m not going to pay his rent. I got a brand new attitute and I’m going to wear it tonight. I’m going to get in trouble. I’m going to start a fight.”

Then, the chorus, “So what. I’m still a rock star.” Later in the song, she helps explain the reason the two divorced last February after two years of marriage by directly addressing him: “You weren’t there. You never were.”

Photos of smiling Pink filming the video for her new song back up her point that she’s “having more fun” without him. In the picture above, it’s telling that the tree she’s cutting down is marked “Alecia + Carey” — it’s as if she’s using her real name instead of “Pink” to show that this song is personal. Pink’s album is due October 28.

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