Beyonce’s Sassy Sis Likes Dudes, Drinks and Dope


Beyonce‘s lil’ sis is dropping a new album in just two weeks, and Solange Knowles wants you to know she’s nothing like her sister. In a revealing interview with Blender magazine, the single mom spills the beans on how she likes to spend her Friday nights, her vices, and how she’s “strictly dickly.” Check out the full interview for more juicy tidbits.

OK, so it’s a Friday night at 11 p.m. What are you doing?
I’m either at home with my son or out drinking some Coronas and adding to my beer belly.

Where do you drink your Coronas?
Dive bars. Two doors down from here there’s a little joint that’s full of old rednecks. I go in there, drop $10 in the jukebox, play nothing but Marvin and Prince and just get wasted. The rednecks are like, What the f**k?!

Ever doubted your sexual orientation?
You mean like in that Katy Perry song? Negative. I’m strictly dickly.

[Image: Getty]