John Edwards’ Mistress: Bitchy And Crazy


In addition to being a philandering jerk, turns out former Presidential hopeful John Edwards also has crap taste in the ladies. Newsweek reporter Jonathan Darman shares several discussions he had with Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter, a former webisode producer for Edwards’ campaign, that state she was prone to “new age jargon” and talked smack about Elizabeth, Edwards’ cancer-battling wife and mother of four.

Darman, who first met Hunter in 2007 and observed a certain stalker-esque tendency about her, told him that she was working with Edwards to help him “[tap] into…his potential.” She called Edwards a “transformational leader,” like Gandhi and Martin Luther King. As for Elizabeth Edwards, Hunter said she “does not give off good energy” and promised Darman “someday the truth about her is going to come out.”

Hunter also told the reporter that she wanted to pitch a television show to Sex and the City producers about women who “help” men by having affairs with them, to get them out of failing marriages. She might want to change that pitch to ruining any chance at a political career and destroying families. [Photo: Getty Images]

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