Cassie Sorely Confused About Nipple Piercing, Cancer


Far be it from me to suggest a young women shouldn’t talk publicly about her breasts, but when it comes to issues sexy (piercing!) and otherwise (cancer), it’s important to be informed. “Me & U” singer Cassie recently confessed that before being tested for “the cancer gene,” she worried how her mother, a breast cancer survivor, would feel about her nipple piercings. But since she doesn’t have the gene, she now feels comfortable celebrating the “positive energy” she gets from constant impalement. According to Dr. Judith Reichman, poor piercing can cause plenty of trouble (nerve damage, hematoma, even Hepatitis and HIV infection), but there is no reason to believe that piercing increases a risk of breast cancer. In fact, piercings can cause false cancer scares if the skin hardens around the intruding metal. Having a breast cancer gene (which in no way guarantees that one will suffer from breast cancer—ask the NCI) shouldn’t keep one from experiencing the same positive energy Cassie does now. Telling your mom is another issue. [ContactMusic]

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