Bizarre Love Triangle: Kanye, Pete and John


Pete loves John. John loves Kanye. Pete loves Kanye. John loves Pete. Here at Scandalist, we’re crowning a new group of hyper-obnoxious oversharers. The mutual appreciation society that is John Mayer, Pete Wentz and Kanye West will henceforth be known as the Blog Hogs — like the Rat Pack with less talent. Or the Frat Pack without Will Ferrell.

For the past several months, Pete, John and ‘Ye have been compulsively posting to their blogs, and more than once the topic has turned to one another…

In a post entitled “Crush Accepted,” John Mayer extols the virtues of Pete Wentz, saying, “Every time we get the chance to hang I’m inspired by your creativity. Your mind is like a stadium with the dome open… you have ZERO judgment when it comes to things that move you.” Awwww.

That post, however, was prompted by Pete posting a video of Mayer, simply stating “what he says…is something i have felt for the last year.”

Now Pete’s comparing Kanye to e.e. cummings (because he doesn’t capitalize?) before launching into a rambling, bizarro post about feeling, and knowing, and knowing feelings, and…well, we’re not really sure. If anyone can make sense of it, it’d sure help us out. [Getty Images]