Paris Hilton Sued For Not Promoting Publicity-Hungry Movie


Paris Hilton has been sued by the makers of National Lampoon’s Pledge This, her 2006 non-hit comedy. The aggrieved claim that Hilton, despite being paid $1 million to appear in the film, did not sufficiently promote it. So why are they only suing for $70,000? You’d probably spend that much on the lawyers!

Frankly, this seems a little fishy. If the movie (which lists Hilton as an executive producer) is remembered for anything, it’s that Hilton was so offended by nude scenes added to the film that she, in her own words, “snubbed [her] own premiere.” Now, over two years later, they’re suing for less than a tenth of what they paid her. Whether she’s in on it or not, it sounds like someone realized that even if no one wants to see a straight-to-DVD comedy starring Paris Hilton, they may check out a straight-to-DVD comedy starring Paris Hilton that she doesn’t want you to see! Because of the nudity! Not that she’s the one naked, but if you’re confused, that’s fine with them.

Just in case you’re actually considering watching this movie, Scandalist suggests you first take a look at the trailer.

The movie is also currently ranked #15 on IMDb’s Bottom 100, thanks to nearly 5,000 voters on the site who A) saw it and B) were willing to admit they had. [AP]

[Photo: WireImage]

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