Michael Phelps: Olympic Beer Pong Champ?


Currently, the most important man in America is not Barack Obama, John McCain or Spencer Pratt – it is Michael Phelps, the beefy Olympic swimmer with giant ears that rival only his shoulder muscles in size. The entire country has tuned in to watch him pocket gold medals in Beijing, and his talent is obviously undeniable. Not to mention, he’s kinda hot in that attainable famous dude, sorta way. But is he also a pro at hurling ping pong balls into cups of keg beer? We came across this pic on a blog today that supposedly captures Phelps getting ready to conquer a serious round of beer pong. Not that he’s not allowed – the dude is 23-years old, and he already has a DUI under his belt that resulted in 18 months probation when he was 19-years old. It’s nice to know that Phelps may be involved in something even wilder than shaving all his body hair.

The pic has since been taken down, but we got it above. Does that look like the gold medal champ to you?

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