Rumer Has It


The spawn of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis graces the cover of this week’s Page Six MagazineRumer Willis reveals what it’s like to have Ashton Kutcher as her “father slash older brother,” people calling her a lesbian, and why her family would make a great reality show.

Rumer on Rumors: “It’s shocking how unbelievably mean people are—not just the people who are writing stuff, the people who make comments. For awhile I read that stuff, and it was upsetting, I’d get really down on myself, which is debilitating. Now I think, ‘Do you really have nothing better to do than talk s—t about me?’”

On people saying she is gay: “If people call me a lesbian because I have short hair and I wear jeans instead of dresses, then by all means, run with it. I think it’s hilarious. I like guys.”

On growing up in Hollywood: “Sure, I have my issues, but I’m not in rehab. I’m not in crazy debt. I like the fact that I didn’t just get my GED, but I graduated from high school. A lot of it has to do with my parents. They have a desire to keep us [kids] grounded and give us a normal upbringing.”

On stepfather Ashton Kutcher: “He’s so cool. He definitely is a father-slash-older brother figure, but at the same time I can still go out with him and have an amazing time. We all have so much fun together. I’m so lucky. My dad and Ashton get along—it’s not weird. There’s no jealousy or drama. If we weren’t all entirely morally opposed to doing a reality show, I guarantee it would be the best-selling reality show ever.”

Check out Rumer with her famous parents long before her cover girl days after the jump…

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