Citizen Scandal: Court Ignores Flasher’s Small Penis


A doctor found guilty of indecent exposure got no points for novelty when he appealed the verdict by claiming his penis was too small to be the one in question.

The actual case is one of those classic undercover vice stories where a cop claims some sap whipped his junk out and the guy claims the cop asked him to, or that the cop did it first (remember George Michael‘s bust?). What’s interesting is that the defendant, an unnamed physician, now claims that his penis couldn’t possibly be the one described by the arresting officer. Rex Morgan’s sex organ is allegedly “too small to be seen,” and he’s so embarrassed that he’s only shown the bugfucker to his wife. His new lawyers believe this key(-sized) evidence was ignored by his original attorney, and that Dr. Diddles deserves a new trial. No dice, said the appeals board, in a 30-page verdict that was allegedly pruned of all potential double entendres. Aw, where’s the fun in that? [Houston Chronicle]

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