Citizen Scandal: DUI Of The Year


Congratulations, Doreen Rose. While there’s plenty of time for Khloe Kardashian or Richie Sambora to prove us wrong, it looks you’re going to have the most impressive DUI of 2008. Not only did you get arrested while pulling out of your driveway, you somehow managed to get arrested again later the same evening, even drunker than you were the first time. This woman is Andy Dick cubed.

Doreen Rose, a 46-year-old kitchen assistant in Scotland, was arrested on July 21st after she smashed into a parked car while pulling out of her driveway. Police found an open container of lager in her car, and her blood alcohol level was three times over the legal limit. She was released at 5pm, after signing an affadavit that she would not drive again until after her court hearing. Two hours later, she was caught swerving on the highway, her blood alcohol level now four times over the legal limit. Yesterday, Rose was sentenced to 80 days in jail (almost twice what Kiefer Sutherland got!), and is banned from the road for five years. So we can expect her next arrest in…oh…about 80 days. [Daily Record]

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