It’s Official! Smoking Actors Mean Smoking Teens!


Anyone who’s seen Thank You For Smoking probably feels like they already know this (“The message Hollywood needs to send out is ‘Smoking Is Cool!'”), but a new report from the American Cancer Institute makes it official: “depictions of smoking in movies is causally related to youth smoking initiation.” Smoking is down to 21% of the adult population, but more than 4,000 kids pick up their first cigarette each day, with a quarter of them becoming heavy smokers. And while there has been talk of cut-downs in cigarette advertising in films, the report claims that specific brands are still visible in about 1/3 of hit movies. Nick Naylor would argue that they’re all puffed by psychopaths and Europeans, but it still seems to be doing the job. We call it…the McLovin effect.

Evan: Fogell, I don’t understand why you we’re smoking cigarettes with those cops.

Fogell: Because I f*ckin’ rule?

That shit gets in kids’ minds, people. [Reuters]

[Photo: Universal Pictures, AMC, Fox Searchlight, IFC Films, Tristar Pictures, Warner Bros., Weinstein Co.]

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