Obama Picks Biden, McCain Attacks


Barack Obama announced in a text message sent out to his supporters this morning that he’s chosen Joe Biden, who ran against him in the Democratic primaries, as his running mate. A senator from Delaware, which has a mere three electoral votes (there’s 538 total), Biden doesn’t bring a significant state to the Obama camp, although he is popular in his native Pennsylvania, a swing state that Obama lost to Hillary Clinton. Political experts say that Biden’s real value lies in his depth of experience: As a six-term senator and the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he might alleviate concerns that the relatively young Obama “isn’t ready to lead.”

John McCain‘s camp wasted no time in attacking Obama’s decision by releasing the following ad (we have to admit, it’s clever):

What’s not included in McCain’s ad is the slip of Biden’s tongue that sparked controversy last February. He is the politician that referred to Obama as “clean” and “articulate” while observing that he’s “African-American” — a remark that is racist at worse and bone-headed and insensitive at best. He later apologized and clarified his statement by saying that he meant Obama was “fresh” and “new” and the “most exciting candidate that the Democratic or Republican Party has produced [in a long time].”

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