Diddy Stares Down The Barrel Of A Gun


Diddy, aka Sean Combs, came face-to-face with the barrel of a gun early Saturday morning. Law enforcement sources say the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department stopped a vehicle in Diddy’s entourage for not having proper tags, while driving down the Sunset Strip. The rest of his entourage pulled up shortly after and things got a bit out of hand. It’s sheriff department policy to call for backup when other cars linger at a traffic stop. After the backup arrived one of the driver’s became “extremely uncooperative,” to the point he had to be detained.

This is when Combs and six members of his entourage exited their vehicles and started walking towards the detained driver. The deputies did not know they were in the presence of Puff Daddy when one of them drew his weapon. Things almost turned into a front page story, but the situation became peaceful after they identified themselves. The detained driver was driving a rental car so no ticket was issued. There isn’t a dull moment when you run with Puff’s posse.

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