Olympic Athletes Are ‘Shagging Like Crazy’


For two weeks, our attention was turned to the Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest to watch the best athletes in the world compete in the Olympics. Each night, it was a couple hours of swimming or volleyball and then off to bed we went. It never dawned on us though what the Olympians themselves do after hours. Turns out, they do each other.

This information comes courtesy of Matthew Syed, a one-time Olympian-turned-commentator who regales those of us unable to be at the games with tales of medal-worthy horndoggery among the athletes. Syed tells the New York Post:

“Olympic athletes have to display an unnatural – and, it has to be said, wholly unhealthy – level of self-discipline in the build-up to big competitions. How else is this going to manifest itself than with a volcanic release of pent-up hedonism?. . .[It was] a common sight to see recently knocked-out athletes gorging on Magnums and McDonald’s, swilling alcohol and, of course, shagging like crazy.”

Basically, it sounds a lot like college, but with a lower percentage of body fat and no hacky-sackers. The romance du jour is between Michael Phelps and Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice, who were spotted sucking face last week after apparently false rumors circulated that he was getting it on with swimmer Amanda Beard and/or model Lily Donaldson.

Organizers of the 2008 Olympics smartly provided about 40,000 condoms to the 10,500 athletes housed in the Olympic Village this year in an effort to promote safe sex. Free condoms are a tradition in recent years and in fact, the Beijing athletes are hardly the horniest. Organizers ran out of condoms at the Sydney games in 2000 and had 130,000 on hand in Athens. Makes you wonder if there are any Olympic-themed positions we non-Olympians don’t know about. The Opening Ceremony? The Splashless Entry? The Pommeled Horse?

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