Warning: Heidi Montag’s New Video Will Make You Want To Overdose


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or blessed with good sense), you probably already know that there’s a new single called “Overdosin'” by reality TV’s Heidi Montag. It was released last Monday, and of course a video was sure to follow. Not content to roll around on a beach, lip-synching to her monotone-techno song stylings while Spencer Pratt holds the camera (ever see Best Week Ever‘s version of “Higher”?), Heidi actually employs some production value in her latest effort.

She takes a cue from Olivia Newton John in the video and gets decked out in her best Capezio and Danskin, although you can be sure Olivia never displayed so many dead-eyed crotch shots. What working out has to do with overdosin’ on love is anybody’s guess. Our theory is that the spandex is just a colorful distraction to cover up all the voice distortion.

According to news outlets, the video was supposed to debut at www.heidimontag.com at 1pm EST today — and it still isn’t up. As much as we wish we weren’t interested, we have to admit that we can’t wait to see this monstrosity in its entirety. [Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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