The Top 5 Sara Schaefer’s On The Internet


Buzzfeed posted a website today called, which is a website that tells you how many people in the U.S. share your name. As of now, there are 41 other Sara Schaefer’s out there. Over the years, I’ve become familiar with some of them (one of them was a small Asian-American girl I met during my nerd-camp counselor days), mostly through the powers of googling myself. And surprisingly enough, after about 30 pages of sites about me, you CAN find others!

So why not spend the last precious minutes of this dead August workday to list The Top 5 Sara Schaefer’s On The Web? I wasn’t able to find pictures of all, so we can’t decide who’s prettiest (me).

THE GENIUSSarah-11.JPGThis pretty lady knows a sh*t ton about wide band gap semiconductors.

THE WALL STREET JOURNALIST29_WSJArticle.gifSara Schaefer Munoz writes for the WSJ blog about being a working mom, The Juggle.

THE PROPHETsara146.jpgShe and I share a love for horrible puns! Her “Up To Know Good” daily inspirational e-mail service will help you travel the straight and narrow.

THE ONE WEARING A HAT MADE OF TIN FOILzap-tiny.gifI have to admit. Seeing a fellow Sara Schaefer suffer like this one does makes me sad. I hope she can triumph over the Illuminati / Free Masons for us all!!!

HILLARY CLINTON’S BFF?hilarysara2.jpgThis website called Muckety maps business relationships…and apparently there is a Sara Schaefer attached to the Hillary campaign. Or is somebody not telling me something? Am I the reason she lost?

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