Nat from the Peach Pit Wants To Get Laid This Time


Everyone’s favorite counter-wiping wisdom-dispenser from the original Beverly Hills, 90210 (ok, we can’t remember if he was a wise sage or not, but he was totally Brandon Walsh’s boss) Joe E. Tata, a.k.a. Nat from the Peach Pit, will be yet another original cast member returning to the new version of the show. But Tata has some input for the shows new producers. He wasn’t happy about his character’s backstory in the previous version of the show, so he has one nugget he wanted to put out there. Tata tells Details:

“I was the only person on the show that never got laid. Does that help? So therefore I don’t know Brenda, Kelly, or, you know, Tori or whatever. Pick one-whoever was there. I wanted to raise my hand during the press tour-put my hand up and ask a question. I was gonna say, ‘I want two questions answered: Am I really gonna run the Peach Pit? And do I get laid this time?'”

Bless him for both his honesty and his total dismissal of “Tori or whatever”. Hee! If 16-year-olds can give and receive blowjobs on the new show, we don’t see why they shouldn’t run the entire gamut and let 72-year-old Tata touch some ta-tas. [Photo: FilmMagic]

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