Billy Baldwin Talks Smack About Alec Baldwin


This week the New Yorker profiled Alec Baldwin. For nine pages. Yet the best lines of the article (and this is even with our ginormous crush on Alec Baldwin), come from his younger brother Billy. No, not the one from Celebrity Rehab, that’s Daniel. No, not the Born-Again Christian, you’re thinking of Stephen. Billy. The one who was in Backdraft. And he’s pretty much fine with saying whatever he wants about his big brother.

Billy on why he and his brothers chose to follow in Alec’s acting footsteps: “I think he thinks we felt, ‘If that idiot can do it, I’ll give it a shot.’ And on some level that’s sort of true.”

Billy on the movie script Alec wrote for he and his brothers to star in: “Basically, it was: Daniel’s the outlaw; I’m the riverboat gambler who gets all the pussy, the shallow, good-looking sap; Stephen’s the village idiot; and he’s the fucking hero! He’s the one who saves the day at the end; he’s the Clint Eastwood. If you’re looking for how my brother thinks about his brothers, and how he always felt about his brothers, that’s it. That s the movie he wanted to make with his brothers.”

Billy on Alec’s relationship to Kim Basinger: “Alec’s friends, family members, people in Hollywood had been asking, basically, ‘Should we do an intervention?’ [To extract him from the relationship.] I wish he’d figured it out after three or four years, not ten.”

Billy on Alec’s outlook on life: “There’s always something for him to fucking whine about.”

Bitter riverboat gambler, party of one!

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