DIDDEO: John McCain, Who Is Bugging The F*ck Out, Loses Crucial Diddy Endorsement


There is no sound that more perfectly begins a Monday morning than “Diddy Obama Blog! Diddy Obama Blog! Diddy Obama Blog!” being shouted at you in a YouTube video by a guy who’s twirling around in circles. In his latest video dispatch, Diddy (who now seems to be toying with the idea of changing his name yet again, this time to Sir Rock Obama) spends a solid four minutes informing us of his displeasure with John McCain’s selection of a Vice Presidential candidate. While we certainly have our own reservations about Sarah “See What Abstinence Programs Did For My Family!” Palin, Diddy mostly seems to take issue with the fact that the woman McCain hopes to put a heartbeat away from the presidency only has experience governing in Alaska, where there are apparently no black people or crackheads. He also says something about Ray J, then states his intentions to mobilize millions of American young people to “get busy on y’all asses on November 4th”.

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