Sarah Palin: Normal Hockey Mom Or Politico With One Too Many Skeletons?


John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin has a few more skeletons in her closet than was first revealed. Palin, who supports abstinence-only education programs in public school, announced on Monday that her unmarried 17-year-old daughter, Bristol (pictured above at left), is five months pregnant. “Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support,” said Palin in a statement to Reuters. There had been false rumors on the Internet that Palin faked her most recent pregnancy to cover up for Bristol, and that Trig, who has Down syndrome, is actually her grandchild. A senior aide told Reuters: “The despicable rumors that have been spread by liberal blogs, some even with Barack Obama‘s name in them, is a real anchor around the Democratic ticket, pulling them down in the mud in a way that certainly juxtaposes themselves against their campaign of change.” In addition to the announcement of Bristol’s baby, news spread yesterday that Palin has hired a private attorney to represent her in a state ethics probe and that she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, an organization that considered attempting to secede from the U.S.

Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston, has only added fuel to the media fire with comments on his MySpace page, which has just been taken down. The Alaskan governor announced that Bristol and her high school sweetheart plan on marrying, but Johnston seems less enthusiastic about their future union. The New York Post reports that although Levi admits to being “in a relationship'” on his personal profile, the teen hockey player wrote that he doesn’t want kids. Johnston proudly uses profanity to describe his hobbies: “I’m a f – – -in’ redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- – – and just f – – -in’ chillin’ I guess.” Well, at least he’ll be able to offer his unborn child a colorful vocabulary. Johnston signs off on his note by saying, “Ya f – – – with me I’ll kick (your) ass.” Palin shouldn’t be too concerned about her adolescent future son-in-law because most political families have at least one embarrassing family member.

The Palins asked the news media to respect the young couple’s privacy, but apparently didn’t get the memo: It posted pictures this morning of Bristol posing enthusiastically with bottles of alcohol. We’re not sure if any of these details will get the self-described “hockey mom” into trouble this November — or if they’ll have the opposite effect by somehow humanizing her to voters. [Photo: AFP]

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