From One Teen Mom To Another


Isn’t it always the way? Jamie-Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy at the age of 16 right when her mother Lynne announced she’d be authoring a book on parenting, and now Bristol Palin, daughter of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin announces her pregnancy at 17. Sorry mom and dad!

While that information seems like a blow to the reputation of the parents, it’s formed a bond between the girls, as Jamie-Lynn recently sent Bristol $60 worth of pink burp clothes from Beverly Hills boutique Petit Tresor. Along with the gift came a note reading, “Dear Bristol, Hang in there, xoxo, Jamie Lynn.”

Do we even know if Bristol is expecting a girl, or is Jamie-Lynn challenging conventional gender roles and giving the Republicans something to think about? Or maybe the boutique was just out of yellow … [Top photos: Getty Images; bottom photo: Splash News Online]

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