VMAs Sex Stuff: Tops, Bottoms And Touching


You expect a good deal of crotch grabbing, booty bouncing, and cleavage presentation at the VMAs. But tonight’s show messed with the stereotypes; those usually responsible for such actions weren’t the ones doing ‘em this year. Here are three memorable moments that involve underwear, no underwear, and strumming oneself.

Pink’s Nipple Slip

She looked great, and sounded strong. And as Pink‘s performance of “So What” made its way through the fake streets of the Paramount back lot, more and more clothes came off. By the time she jumped on stage to conclude the thing, her top was open enough to display the wealth of those lady lumps.

Lil Wayne’s Tightie Blackies

Weezy grinded through a medley of his tunes, and as he bounced around, his hip-slung white pants kept falling lower and lower. By the end, both of those dirty south ass cheeks, covered by some black undies, were on full display.


It was fleeting, no question, but was Hayley Williams doing a little touchy feely on herself during that rather rousing blast through their hit? Seems like her right hand would head toward crotchville whenever the lyric “got him where I want him” came around. Could be that she was just strumming along in an air guitar kind of way and with those tight yellow pants it all just seemed provocative … We’ll have to check the tape tomorrow. [Photos: Getty Images]

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