Pete Wentz Swears He Totally Played Russian Roulette Once


You think Pete Wentz is weak? You think an emo bass player who hosts an MTV video show and marries Ashlee Simpson is afraid to die? Pete Wentz is a f*cking wild man and don’t you forget it.

I pulled a trigger on a gun aimed at myself. My friend and I did one pull each. We’d been drinking and had taken Ambien. I feel stupid even talking about it. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never owned a gun – I’m too impulsive. I’d probably get mad and shoot someone over a part in a song or something.

Yeah! That’s some Deer Hunter shit right there. Give this guy some pills and he’ll turn into Phil Spector before your eyes. Fall Out Boy popping a cap in your ass!

Watch out, Ashlee. The man who bought you a giant Lego bee is a ticking timebomb. [Page Six]

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