EXCLUSIVE Interview: Girl Auctioning Virginity Wants Obama To Bid


Scandalist got on the phone with Natalie Dylan, who is auctioning off her virginity to “pay for school,” to get the lowdown on her history and money-making proposition. Among the tidbits revealed: Barack Obama would be her ideal candidate to enter the auction — and win. But first, the backstory …

After her stepfather successfully applied for student loans in her name and then spent up all of the money, Natalie (not her real name) came across an article about a Peruvian woman who auctioned off her virginity, but then never went through with the act. The 22-year old thought it sounded like a great idea and so she phoned up Nevada’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, naturally, who offered to help her facilitate the sale of her innocence. Here’s what we learned during our interview.

First Time thoughts.

“Everyone wants the first time to be special and I can’t imagine a more special way than this,” she said.

On her sexual history.

Natalie admitted that she’s had oral sex, but reminded us that she’s technically a virgin.

Who’s eligible to bid?

Natalie won’t do the deed with just anyone! She told Scandalist that money is the primary factor, but she wants a first-time partner who “seems intelligent.” But don’t worry if you have a few black marks on your record, Natalie insists she won’t bother “with a full screening or anything like that.”

Her ideal bidder?

“Barack Obama,” she tells Scandalist. “He is so charismatic.”

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