Looking For Some Property On The Outer Banks?


IMG_0464.jpgThis week, I’ve been blogging from the Outer Banks in North Carolina, on the annual Schaefer drink-beer-for-7-
days-straight trip to the beach. Every year, we stay at a lovely cottage in a secluded area that is both ocean and sound-front (we worry every year that the owners will find out what sort of hillbillies are renting out their posh pad and forbid us from coming back). Now, ever since I was a little kid, it has been rumored that just down the street, someone incredibly famous owns a house. It’s a house in which the cast of Gossip Girl would look perfectly comfortable throwing a party. I have long yearned to take a peek inside, since it’s gigantic, has a guest house, pool, etc. And not to mention the potential for meeting someone incredibly famous by taking a quick stroll down the beach, which I attempt every year.

Well, this year, we noticed that the celebrity mansion is FOR SALE! For a mere $8.5 million, this luxury home on the premiere location of the Outer Banks could be YOURS! And, I have secured proof that this does in face belong to a famous person! I secretly photographed them on the property, and I’m bringing it exclusively to you! Find out who, after the jump!


It belongs to the Cruises! Can you imagine owning their old house? I’m really trying to scrape up enough money for the down payment – I just need about $3 million more dollars. Not only is this estate gorgeous, it’s very CLEAN – i.e., free of Thetans!! WANT.

p.s. The rumor that Tom Cruise owns a house down here has long haunted the Outer Banks. But I’m pretty sure my sister decided it was this house, about 18 years ago, during the Days Of Thunder era, when she SWORE she saw Nicole Kidman standing on the balcony. She was 10 years old, so I’m pretty sure that information is accurate.

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