Celebrities Against Palin: A Round-Up


Hillary Clinton may be hesitant to attack Sarah Palin, but Hollywood celebrities don’t seem to have any reservations. While Jon Voight has praised “the simplicity of her poise and experience,” it looks like most younger stars believe her experience is too simplistic. Check out some clips of the loudest mouths speaking out against the Republican nominee for vice president.

  • Matt Damon: “I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago. That’s an important—I want to know that. I really do. Because she’s going to have the nuclear codes, you know.”
  • Pamela Anderson: “I can’t stand her. She can suck it!”

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  • Gina Gershon (playing Palin): “I think global warming is P.S.—polar bear shit! Everyday I open my door in Anchorage and it is freezing! End of experiment.”

  • Lindsay Lohan: “I get Sarah Palin’s views against abortion, but i would much prefer to hear more about what she can do for our country rather than how her daughter is going to have a child no matter what. Maybe focus on delivering some words and policy with stronger impact like Joe Biden.”

  • Lo Bosworth: “You have to read up on the issues in this presidential campaign. I have, and Sarah Palin supports things I’m against. Obama’s my guy.”

  • Russell Brand: “I wanted to say she was forcing her daughter to have a baby because she is so anti-abortion. But also, as a Republican she is pro-execution so she is going to give her the electric chair for being a little slut.”


[Photos: WireImage/Getty Images]

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