ICYMI: Barack Obama Releases Most Boringly Coherent Campaign Ad Of All Time


So I just watched this new campaign ad from Barack Obama, and I’m here to tell you – it’s just two long, boring minutes of him sitting there and speaking plainly, all “specific ways to address real problems” this and “reasonable, rational solutions” that. How can these people possibly expect us to pay attention for TWO WHOLE MINUTES without even so much as a sensationalized rhetorical accusation with only the most tenuous connection to the truth!?! He doesn’t even bother to take anything out of context to baselessly assault the character and competence of John McCain! Ugh, this is like the political ad equivalent of reading the f*cking newspaper. F all this “actual plan” jazz and tell us more about how Sarah Palin is the matriarch of a rural clan of moose-slaying sex addicts who get high on pills all the time because they’re nothing to do or care about in their tiny backwoods village in Alaska!

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