Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” Do-Over


11r8w0p.pngIt’s not often that an artist will listen to fan criticism of their work, then change the work to address that criticism – but Kanye West is clearly not the typical recording artist. After debuting his new song “Love Lockdown” at the VMAs, Kanye released a mastered studio version of that song on his blog. But when commenters and bloggers expressed their disappointment about the track not capturing quite the same energy as the live performance – particularly in the drums and vocals – Kanye went back into the lab, re-recorded the song to address those issues, then re-released it on his blog, all in the span of only a few days. While certainly not the most traditional creative process, it’s certainly an interesting one. It sort of makes me wonder what Mozart’s music would have sounded like if he had the whole Internet standing over his shoulder going “That concerto sounds totally GHEY!!!” Speaking of, what do you guys think I should change about this post?

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