The Skinny Wars: Gossip Girl Vs. 90210


The drama caused by the protruding bones of the 90210 cast continued today, after Gossip Girl star (and Blake Lively lover) Penn Badgley spoke out against the skinniness plaguing the CW’s other teen drama. “I hope they eat a double cheeseburger or something,” Penn said, adding that he’s “never been a proponent of the thin L.A. girls.” Us also reports that “Badgley revealed he thinks it’s “healthy” that his female cast mates “aren’t bone-thin.”

Oh Penn? Can we show you something? Look up there on the left, it’s a picture of your pal Taylor Momsen, the 15-year old actress who plays your little sister on Gossip Girls. If you don’t consider that bone-thin, then you’re either blind, crazy or a douchebag. Maybe all three? Also, the “eat a cheeseburger” solution is not going to cure the rampant eating disorders plaguing our country. The pressure to be thin must be eliminated all together before anyone’s touching anything covered in cheese, my friend. We know that seems like an easy solution when you’re a 21-year old dude, and we look forward to the 90210 guys responding with something as equally ignorant. It’s a battle of the skinny starlets from slutty teen shows, and so far, only the guys doing the fighting. [Us. Photos: GettyImages]

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