5 Summer Fashion Fads We Hope Will Never Return


Every so often we’ll rattle off five things that happen to be on our minds. Things we love, things we hate, things we love to hate.  And whatever else is bothering us. Enjoy!

1. Shiny Leggings

Oh, the legging. We thought they were left for dead in the ’80s, but recently they’ve made quite the comeback! Today they are more adventurous – superhero adventurous. Enter the shiny rubber/leather/pleather legging sometimes complete with knee-pads. Cause you never know when you’ll need to, um, get down on your knees? Lohan, away! [Photos: Shiny leggings]

2. The Summer Scarf

While we can see a need for the summer scarf in places like hmmmm… Napakiak, Alaska, this summer fad is mostly the colorful creator of unnecessary neck sweat. [Photos: Summer Scarves]

3. Shutter Shades

Are you typing so f**king hard that you might break your f**king MacBook Air? Then you are not Kanye West. Take them off. [Photos: Shutter Shades]

4. Gladiator Sandals

Strap these puppies on and you’re guaranteed to look squat and stumpy no matter how deliciously proportionate your legs actually are! [Photos: Gladiator Sandals]

5. The Skinny Headband

Particularly vexing because they’re not really headbands… they’re more like… halos. That sit on the head. Small strings that adorn the temples. [Photos: Skinny Headbands] — Kim Nguyen

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