ICYMI: Clark Duke and Seth Green Heal The Wounds Of My Broken Heart


Ever since me and The Beef Who Shall Not Be Named had our big breakup, I’ve remained resolutely silent on the matter of my poisoned feelings about this man who once enjoyed my greatest admiration. And in that silence, I’ve often hoped that someone else might come along and vocalize the feelings of frustration and disappointment I felt about the Jerkburger the Beef had become. So I can’t tell you what great pleasure I took in watching Clark Duke and Seth Green – two very talented young comedians I just so happened to meet in a Sunset Strip liquor store during my trip to the VMA’s – joyously ridicule His Beefyness during a recent press junket for their new film Sex Drive. I am clearly not the first bespectacled beard enthusiast whose heart was ripped to shreds by The LaBeouf.

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